"There have been more people who have successfully defended themselves with no training than there have been martial artists who have had to defend themselves". - Tony Blauer

What we do

  1. We teach how criminals commit personal and violent crimes.
  2. We teach how and why they will choose you, and how to avoid being chosen.
  3. We teach criminal methods of assault/muggings and armed/unarmed combat.
  4. We teach counters based on the the kinds of attacks you will face

While we are keen Martial Artists, we are not here to teach you a particular style of Karate, Kung Fu, NHB, Jeet Kun Do, Jiu Jitsu or any other system of combat, and you will learn why training to fight is largely to your detriment.

What you will learn from us is how to recognise, assess and avoid, or effectively deal with hazardous situations by teaching you the actual threat. If your perception of "self-defence" is fighting then you possess only a limited understanding of what is just one element of the problem of crime and violence. Using "self-defence" means that things have become violent, and you are thus attempting damage control. However, no amount of damage control is EVER superior to preventing the situation from happening in the first place.

We give talks and demonstrations on crime and violence, emphasising awareness and avoidance based on our study of criminals, gang members, the nature of violence and violent people in this country as well as information gathered from respected international sources. Both crime and violence are a process, a process that can be largely recognised and dealt with without resorting to physical combat.

Take the time to learn and understand this. Criminals practice, they gather experience - they spend time studying you. Now it's your turn to know your enemy and take rational steps to avoid becoming a victim. Just being an aware individual is a major deterrent. Paranoia can be defined as awareness without knowledge - yet once you have awareness with knowledge you have a tool that will enhance your quality of life.

Once the difference between criminal assault/criminal strategy and (sports-based) Martial Arts is grasped we teach suitable counters and responses based on the now known threat. The aim is to end the altercation as rapidly as possible. The less time spent engaging a violent assailant the less likely you are to be hurt.

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