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We deal with safety. Your safety is a matter of knowledge and understanding. We teach avoidance over conflict. We stress awareness, knowledge and understanding of what leads to and is involved in physical violence as a more reliable, safer strategy than physical force. It is through our experience with violence and conflict that we have developed the understanding which we will pass on to you.
This however, with the clear understanding that not all physical conflict is avoidable.

What we do
Presentations & seminars on crime avoidance. Training in criminal methods of assault/combat & effective counters.

Information on crime and violence in South Africa, as well as articles from top experts in the field.

Who we are
And why you might want to listen to us...
Profiles of Nigel February, Lloyd De Jongh and Erik Petermann.

Contact us
Contact details for Lloyd, Nigel and Erik, and an online e-mail submission form to send us your comments and questions.

Note: The material presented on this site is a combination of our own research into local criminal behaviour and methods, and that of experts in the fields of psychology, criminology, physiology, firearms ...  [ Read More ]

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